We live in a time of ever growing complexity, and with it the challenges of leadership are growing. We can no longer survive by functioning as isolated individuals or organizational lone rangers. Leaders are needed who can skillfully engage the morally ambiguous challenges of our day, who see patterns in complex systems, and who value the viewpoints that diverse voices and communities bring to the table. More vital than ever is the inner life of the leader, since the internal state of the community builder or organizational leader has a decisive impact on the effectiveness of all our external practices.

The Center for Regenerative Society provides leadership renewal programs for people and institutions in the upper Midwest playing an important role in shaping a healthy, just and sustainable society. We help you live and lead from the inside out, and catalyze renewal and innovation from within.

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WHO we serve: Picture the people in your community who inspire and empower those around them to build a more just, healthy, and resilient world – a regenerative society. They are passionate, dedicated, skilled and courageous enough to tackle the most complex social, economic and environmental challenges of our time. Their work is urgent and essential.

WHY we serve: Despite their seemingly boundless energy, these “lead geese” often struggle with exhaustion, overwhelm and doubt just like the rest of us. Many leaders in the nonprofit sector, for example, are facing a “perfect storm” of stressors that is contributing to massive burnout and turnover. In these challenging times, we need these leaders more than ever. We need their innovative thought, their adaptive leadership, and their ability to mobilize their fellow citizens. In the face of the storm, programs like ours can mean the difference between burnout and resilience for leaders across issue areas.

HOW we serve: Through nomination and application, our programs convene and serve diverse groups of emerging and mid-career leaders from the business, civic and social sectors, including but not limited to: business and social entrepreneurs, administrators, educators, farmers, lawyers, scientists, tech and medical professionals, philanthropists, elected officials, writers and artists, youth, citizen activists and religious leaders from all traditions who play crucial roles in the social innovation and change process.

WHERE we serve: We offer most of our programs in the Driftless Area of the upper Midwest (IA, MN, WI, and IL) and in metropolitan areas around it, most recently in the Creative Corridor of Cedar Rapids/Iowa City.

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Regenerative Leadership:

Catalyzing Renewal and Innovation from Within

Our signature program — the yearlong Regenerative Leadership program — is designed for a diverse cohort of leaders across strategic fields who are facing challenges that have no easy answers and which require us to move through significant change, risk and complexity. Here we convene the same trustworthy circle of 24-30 peers for continuity of learning, discussion, and transformation. Throughout the year together, participants experience a well developed process of deep reflective learning and leadership that helps them expand their sense of what is possible, set a new direction for themselves from within, and acquire the fresh perspectives, skills, mutual support and courage needed to navigate today’s adaptive challenges and tomorrow’s emerging future.

We shape our core program (and other customized programs we co-create with you) mindful that a regenerative society cannot be sustained around us unless it is being cultivated within us. All program design includes practices of personal and professional regenerativity, which are at the heart of our lives and work.

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Dear Corridor Leader,

In recent conversations with many of you, we’ve heard it said that a healthy, strong, and growing community is built on authentic relationships and meaningful social networks that can help accelerate the creation of sustainable communities.  You’ve also noted that building a community like this requires some serious interior work to discern our authentic selves and then to align ourselves with others in order to face the adaptive challenges and opportunities ahead of us as a region. As one Corridor Leader quipped, “Unfortunately…there’s no app for that!  We actually need to do some face-to-face work with each other.”  That opportunity now awaits you!

In every community, organization and profession, there are leaders like you whose contributions are absolutely essential in our collective work for a better world.  You – and all the others — are pioneering social innovations and inspiring us to reshape the moral purposes of the institutions through which we all live so we are ready for the emerging future.

Imagine what it would be like to enable more leaders at every level to discover and unleash their own deepest desires and power to make our world a better place.  Imagine a leadership experience in which the self-discovery and actualization of individual leaders — and the organizations and communities they serve — would be nurtured through reflective learning experiences intended to radically expand their sense of what is possible.

That’s what awaits you in this yearlong Regenerative Leadership program for 24-30 mid-career and next generation leaders like you! Our year is framed in a series of four seasonal 2-day residential retreats that carefully weave together:

  • “Theory U” methods linking profound change and big results to the quality of awareness and attention we cultivate
  • Adaptive, collaborative and conversational leadership principles and practices
  • Personal coaching and networking between sessions for leaders who want to maximize their impact.

Participation in a yearlong Regenerative Leadership program allows each individual to:

  • Increase our practical effectiveness as innovators and social change leaders who are transforming our organizations, communities, and sectors
  • Listen and respond to what is emerging within us and also in the world around us, and
  • Cultivate our inner life and capacity to live and lead from within

This unique leadership renewal program offers both emerging and mid-career leaders strong support for developing organizational leadership skills, community building capacity, and personal growth in a seamless flow of reinforcing activities.  The program blends:

  • Methods and tools to acquire skills in facilitative leadership within immediate teams and/or broader companies/coalitions
  • Insights and ideas for sparking innovation with and for the community
  • Guided personal assessments and deep personal reflection

As your Regenerative Leadership retreat facilitators, we are committed to providing leaders with a high quality program, and a leadership formation and renewal experience that creates a powerful learning community and a long wave of benefits, not only personal and professional but also community benefits.  We are passionate about this work, and to it we bring decades of experience in revitalizing both communities and leaders from the inside out, and in coaching leaders for social innovation and transformation.

Please contact us to learn more about this yearlong program, or to request a:

  • program brochure
  • scholarship application
  • registration form


Benjamin Webb

benx80An Iowa native, Ben spent the first dozen years of his working life addressing sustainable development, social change, and alternative futures through journalism, public policy, economic development, and community organizing. After digging a little deeper in himself through a mid-career round of graduate studies, Ben has since devoted the last twenty years of his life to building and revitalizing communities and communities of practice from within, preparing mid-career and next generation leaders to better cope with adaptive challenges, and cultivating inner life as the greatest source of identity, creativity, and courage. Ben really enjoys mentoring others at the growing edges and stages of their life and leadership. In founding the Center for Regenerative Society (his fourth nonprofit startup venture) and shaping its programs, Ben consulted nationally with colleagues and peers on both coasts who direct centers and institutes that share some affinity for our work in an effort to incorporate best practices into our leadership renewal programs.

Stephanie Clohesy

stephaniex80As an executive in national and international organizations, Stephanie has been a leader in public policy, systemic social change, civic engagement, philanthropy and human rights issues, including rebuilding civic structures in post-disaster and post-conflict situations. Since 1993 she has owned her own consulting practice, providing counsel and guidance in strategic decision making and planning, scanning/mapping research, program design, organizational development and structure, team performance and leadership development for high-impact results and social change. Within her consulting she coaches and mentors individual high net-worth donors; organizational executives, staff and boards in corporate, family, and public foundations, nonprofit organizations, new for-profit companies and cross-sectoral hybrids. Clients come to Clohesy Consulting to “get clear,” get organized, create a map for growth and to increase impact for serious change. Go to www.clohesyconsulting.com for more details about Stephanie and her projects, clients, publications, and presentations.

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